Being the person I will be

Silhouette of head

Most of my worst moments come when I let 12-year-old or 18-year-old or 25-year-old Peter run the show. Some past pain or insecurity gets reactivated and I lash out. So for me, personal growth is often about allowing who I am today, not some old version of myself, call the shots. 

I wonder though: What would it be like to make decisions from the person I will be – a year or even a decade from now? With that added growth and perspective, what would I really care about? What could I let go of? What would not be worth my time?

When I ask, I find that I can actually sense that new version already there, waiting. And just by imagining him, I become him a little bit faster.

What does the older, wiser version of yourself have to tell you?

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