Are you the sculpture or the sculptor?

Wood sculpture

You could think of your identity as a sculpture you work on throughout your life. At first, it has little definition. Over time, you give it more shape. You stumble through awkward phases. Eventually, some semblance of a fully-formed human emerges.

From there, you can choose a few different paths. You can decide on its final form and spend all your energy protecting it. Or you can keep whittling down to get it just right, never feeling like what you have is quite good enough.

Or, at any given moment, you can turn your attention to the hands doing the sculpting. You can decide that you aren’t the sculpture at all; you are the sculptor. You can set fire to your sculpture and start anew. Or you can begin a second or a third one to place alongside it. Or you can simply take your sculpture, put it down some place nice where you can enjoy it or work on it from time to time, and go on about living in peace.

Which path will you choose today?

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