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Our “next systems” are the emerging models and ideas for new ways of doing and being – for our economy, organizations, cultures, spiritual practices, and more. Here, we write and curate media content that helps give you insight in how these “next systems” could work and why they are important.

Gus Speth on the new economy

Really, economics is about values. What ends are we aiming for? What goods and services are of most value?

Frederic Laloux on teal organizations

Teal organizations are an emerging model based on living systems and aimed at garnering higher member well-being, improved resilience, and greater contributions to the common good.


Fairphone is a Dutch social enterprise that is working to build sustainable and conflict-free smartphones.

Naomi Klein on using shocking events to spark change

"The shocking events that fill us with dread today can transform us, and they can transform the world for the better," Klein says. "But first we need to picture the world that we're fighting for. And we have to dream it up together."

Manuel Lima on the power of networks

Manuel Lima, senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing, explores the power of network visualisation to help navigate our complex modern world.

Daniel Goleman on mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can make you more adept at switching tasks and returning to a deep level of concentration more quickly after a distraction.

The Washington Post on single-payer health care

The standard usage of the term "single-payer healthcare" refers to health insurance operating as a public service and offered to citizens and legal residents towards providing nearly universal or universal healthcare.

Systems thinking, in five minutes

Systems thinking is a new paradigm of analysis that encourages and enables us to understand complex and often hidden dynamics throughout our world.

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky on trauma stewardship

Held within a larger context of systematic oppression and liberation theory, Van Dernoot Lipsky dives into how to work toward reconciling dealing with suffering and trauma both individually and collectively.
School of fish

Tony Hsieh on holacracy

What if everyone had autonomy to serve the purpose of the organization how they saw fit, within their respective roles?