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The Change Blog features weekly thoughts and reflections from Kindling founder Peter Schulte on what change is, how and why it happens, and how we can be change agents.

All natural

Humans are inextricably united with all other beings here on Earth. We are all natural. We are all nature.


How can I use my experience as a father not to lose my sense of self, as I've always feared would happen, but to become more myself than ever?

Right is might

It is unquestionable that the systems of power we live by now are unjust, corrupt, and must be changed. But the solution is to not get rid of power, to condemn anyone who has it.

Our systems aren’t broken

We can't fix our systems. We have to evolve into new ones.

Zooming in

When the complex, wicked challenges around us feel too big and completely out of our control, we can always zoom in to focus on what is in our control. 
two faces side by side

The yin and yang of compassion and consequences

What if not only are both compassion and consequences absolutely necessary for a functioning society, but they actually reinforce another?

My brain is racist

I am shocked at the amount of bigoted, demeaning thoughts that pop up in my brain without invitation.

The shadow of personal growth

What depths of wisdom, peace, and purpose can I activate simply by becoming more aware of who I already am, understanding my core essence, and living it as deeply as I can every day?
Painting of hateful faces

The good news of haters

If you're getting a reaction, your message is having a resonance. That is what you want.


It is helpful for me to balance my anger with the reminder that what’s good for the world is broader and more mysterious than my mind can grasp.