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The Change Blog features weekly thoughts and reflections from Kindling founder Peter Schulte on what change is, how and why it happens, and how we can be change agents.


What inside of you might starting making itself heard if just given the stillness and space?


What appears to me frightening or discouraging might actually be exactly what we need.


What’s most helpful for me in sad times is to make a home for my grief, to nurture it, to let it be seen and voiced.

A year without weed

This week marks a full year of not smoking weed. This is a real accomplishment for me, but also - I’m realizing - a real loss.

Yin Yang

Every value I hold dear has an equally important opposite. I grow when I learn to love and feed them both equally.


When I believe that my life is abundant, I am most inspired and able to pay it forward.

The world is burning

It’s important to remember that while we have endured many catastrophes, they have never quite destroyed us in the way we most feared.

Time is not a flat circle

We are constantly developing new capacities, values, and ideas. Yet we also circle around through the same themes and challenges again and again.

Should we celebrate inadequate progress?

We best enable ourselves to take the much-needed big next steps when we remind ourselves that we are capable of change and in fact that it’s already happening.

The loss and sadness are real

There’s a fine between focusing on the positive and being in denial about the negative.