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The Hero

When it comes to driving change, my first instinct is always to try to be The Hero. I think of all the ways I personally can step up, stand out, and win the day. I put it upon myself to fix all the problems and return the entire kingdom to order, as I read in fairy tales when I was a kid. 

For most of my life, I’ve seen this as noble, even essential to driving change.

But recently, it dawned on me that trying to be The Hero isn’t really about change at all. It’s about making sure that I am seen, recognized, and celebrated. It’s about reassuring that part of me that never feels good or special enough. It’s about telling a story with me at the center. It’s about me.

For too long, deep down, I’ve imagined driving change as a great way I can make a name for myself, while appearing noble and selfless in the process. 

Perhaps then, the most heroic thing I can do now is to let go of the need to be The Hero, to simply serve the greater good humbly and devotedly, and to let that be enough.

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