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What’s most helpful for me in sad times is to make a home for my grief, to nurture it, to let it be seen and voiced.

Yin Yang

Every value I hold dear has an equally important opposite. I grow when I learn to love and feed them both equally.


When I believe that my life is abundant, I am most inspired and able to pay it forward.

Millions upon millions

Millions upon millions of us wake up every day with an earnest intention to do good for the world.


We don’t really need to be offended to do address and counter the behavior we find unhelpful. We don’t need to take it as a personal affront. We don’t need to be disgusted.

The loss and sadness are real

There’s a fine between focusing on the positive and being in denial about the negative.


It is helpful for me to balance my anger with the reminder that what’s good for the world is broader and more mysterious than my mind can grasp.

Zooming in

When the complex, wicked challenges around us feel too big and completely out of our control, we can always zoom in to focus on what is in our control. 

It’s getting better all the time!

Why is it then even when we are smacked in the face with reasons for optimism, positivity and gratitude, we find the story that allows us to be feel bad or not enough?

Zooming out

We can always broaden our perspective, either temporally or spatially, and see things differently.


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