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Chuck Hull invents stereolithography

Stereolithography is a form of 3D printing technology used for creating models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts in a layer by layer fashion using photopolymerization.

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Bill Bowerman invents the Waffle Trainer

The origins of the Oregon Waffle, afterwards named the Waffle Trainer, derive from Bowerman’s experiments with a simple waffle iron, the grooves of which proved to be a near perfect mold for a running shoe.

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The pocket calculator is invented in Japan

The first portable calculators appeared in Japan in 1970, and were soon marketed around the world. These included the Sanyo ICC-0081 “Mini Calculator”, the Canon Pocketronic, and the Sharp QT-8B “micro Compet”.

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James T. Russell invents precursor to laser discs

American inventor James T. Russell has been credited with inventing the first system to record digital information on an optical transparent foil that is lit from behind by a high-power halogen lamp.

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Theodore Maiman invents the laser

Maiman’s laser led to the subsequent development of many other types of lasers. The laser was successfully fired on May 16, 1960.

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Get a spark đŸ’„Good news & change milestones from around the world