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Use Ridwell to sustainably reuse and recycle your stuff

As our landfills get filled to the brim and our oceans inundated with plastic, many of us are looking for easy ways to reuse or recycle our garbage. Ridwell, a new Seattle-based business, helps solve that. Just put a Ridwell box on your doorstep; separate out recyclable items like plastic film, light bulbs, batteries, and more; and Ridwell will come pick it up for you every two weeks. Easy!

From Ridwell:

We get rid of things the right way. We know the most sustainable, most environmentally-friendly, and most impactful ways to get rid of anything you can think of. All so you don't have to. We keep the stuff that can't be recycled curbside out of the landfill and into someone's hands who can reuse or recycle it locally and sustainably.

On our regular pickups, we'll take your stuff that fits in the bin including your four core and rotating categories! If you have more than fits in the bin and you want it all picked up, we can take extra bags as part of our Beyond the Bin service for $5 per bag! We'll take as much as you have!

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