Google Project Sunroof screenshot

Use Google’s Project Sunroof to see if your house is a good candidate for solar

Google's Project Sunroof tool helps you understand whether your house is a good candidate for solar, what plan makes the most sense for you, and how quickly your solar setup can pay itself off. Easy!

From Google's Project Sunroof:

As the price of installing solar has gotten less expensive, more homeowners are turning to it as a possible option for decreasing their energy bill. We want to make installing solar panels easy and understandable for anyone.

Project Sunroof puts Google's expansive data in mapping and computing resources to use, helping calculate the best solar plan for you.

When you enter your address, Project Sunroof looks up your home in Google Maps and combines that information with other databases to create your personalized roof analysis. Don’t worry, Project Sunroof doesn't give the address to anybody else.

Project Sunroof uses current solar industry pricing data to run the numbers on leasing, taking a loan, or buying solar panels for your house to help you choose what's best for you.

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