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Tell Washington State lawmakers to build electric


Right now, our state legislature has the chance to create a cleaner, healthier future in Washington by passing the Healthy Homes, Clean Buildings Act (House Bill 1084) which will cut our state’s greenhouse gas emissions by powering homes and buildings with clean electricity instead of burning gas, a fossil fuel.

In Washington state, homes and buildings are the single fastest growing source of climate pollution, up 50 percent since 1990—and now cause 23 percent of Washington’s climate pollution. That’s more than the ENTIRE industrial sector. It's time to start phasing out gas and other fossil fuels and transition to clean, all-electric buildings. 

Join us in asking our reps to ensure we use our clean grid to heat our homes and buildings, while improving indoor air quality and protecting the climate. Washington's electricity generation is among the cleanest in the country, and getting cleaner every day as we build out renewables like solar and wind. Let's get started and ensure we meet our climate goals! 

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