Electric car

Tell Connecticut legislators that opposing EV freedom hurts competition and our planet

From William Cross via Change.org:

For a decade now, Connecticut dealerships have blocked new electric vehicle competition. The main player being Tesla, but also Rivian, Lucid, and other newcomers. They use outdated dealer franchise laws to bar new competitors to the detriment of consumers. Why? Because the industry is changing. They are scared for the future and want to forestall competition.

They claim this will hurt their business. It won't. 40 other states have tried this. In fact, our neighbors to the east and west in Rhode Island and New York have seen tremendous growth.

Dealership monopolies put consumers at such a disadvantage. To buy a Tesla, Rivian, or Lucid vehicle you must travel out of state. You have no choice. Dealerships make it difficult on purpose.

Dealerships claim direct sales will “put consumers at risk” and that they “don't have the same protection”. This is a lie – dealership and direct sales fall under the same laws and same consumer protections. 

Climate change is one of the monumental issues of our time. We need more EVs on the road and more competition in this space.

If the dealerships continue to lie, block, and lobby, we will never be able to reach our EV goals; and in turn, never meet our climate goals. Send a message to our legislators and dealerships that enough is enough. We need EV Freedom.

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