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Power your home with renewable energy through Arcadia

Many of us want to power our homes with solar and wind energy, but don’t have the money to pay it or don’t live in a location conducive to it. Arcadia (formerly Arcadia Power) helps fix that.

Simply sign up for Arcadia at $5/month and they invest in solar and wind farms around the country, which can then indirectly power your home through Renewable Energy Certificates.

Arcadia Power doesn’t replace your utility or install anything at your home. Instead it:

  • Syncs with your utility to track your electricity usage (and pays your bill for you)
  • Sources, verifies, purchases, and retires RECs for you

That’s it! For $5/month you can feel confident that your residential energy use is fully renewable. Arcadia Power can also give you great types to reduce your energy consumption and get more bang for your buck.

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