Lonely Whale holiday gift guide

Find holidays gifts from plastic-conscious brands

I struggle every year to find holiday gifts for friends and family that represent my values and don't do harm to people or planet. This year, Lonely Whale is helping me out by compiling a list of gift options from brands that share the organization's vision of a world without single-use plastic.

From Lonely Whale:

Gift-giving is a universal part of the human experience and one of the oldest expressions of connection – something we can all use a little more of in our lives. This year, we’re attempting to help bridge our physical distance with loved ones and the ocean with our first-ever Gift Guide. Products featured here have been vetted by the Lonely Whale team as products that are gentle on the ocean. Each comes from a business that is committed to a future with clean seas.

Featured brands donating to Lonely Whale as a part of this gift guide have a “Friend of 52” Badge. That means your purchases directly support our work to empower the next generation of advocates and create systemic solutions for cleaner seas.

About Lonely Whale

Actor-Activist Adrian Grenier and producer Lucy Sumner founded Lonely Whale in 2015 with the intent of bringing the world’s ocean closer to everyone. Dr. Dune Ives, CEO, was brought on board in January of 2016.

It partners with creatives, scientists, brands, influencers, and organizations that share our growth mindset to launch campaigns that have echoed around the world.

It has inspired industry shifts from single-use plastics water bottles to more sustainable alternatives and brought a new brand of canned water to market, empowered thousands of youth to create change in their communities around the world, and is working with industry competitors and leaders to permanently keep 25,000 tonnes of ocean-bound plastic in the economy and out of the ocean.