Indya Moore TranSanta

Deliver gifts anonymously to trans youth in need with TranSanta

Many trans youth likely will not get to enjoy the holidays in the same way many of us do without support. They may not even have the resources they need to get through the winter safely and in good health, especially if they are experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, we can all help through the new social media campaign TranSanta.

From them.:

Santa Claus is getting a much-needed makeover this most unusual Holiday Season. Forget that bearded white dude at the mall, and instead picture the faces of trans and intersex organizers Kyle LaskyChase StrangioPidgeon Pagonis, and Pose star Indya Moore. Together they are the founders of TranSanta, a social media-based gift giving campaign intended to support trans youth experiencing homelessness, who are in foster care, or who otherwise don’t have Santas of their own.

“The goal of the campaign is to show young trans people that they are loved, supported, and have a family around the country and the world of people who will care for them during the holidays,” the organizers wrote in a press release. “Transness is so beautiful and we are celebrating our magic!”

“My friends and I want to make sure that trans kids feel like they are a gift to this world because they are,” Moore added in a recent Instagram post. “Acceptance and love are gifts we deserve all year.”