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The climate crisis rages all around us. While the most significant drivers of perhaps humanity's greatest challenge today are systemic and out of our direct control, there are still many steps we can take as individuals to stem the tide.

Forterra – the state of Washington’s largest land conservation, stewardship and community building organization – is helping with that. They've developed a carbon calculator for organizations and individuals that gauges your contribution to climate change and offers targeted actions for how to mitigate it. Use it to identify the easiest and most impactful actions you can take to address the climate crisis. Its free!

From Forterra:

Regardless of how simple a lifestyle we lead, each one of us inevitably contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions attributing to climate change. In fact, the average American contributes 28.2 tons of CO2 per year to the atmosphere. Explore what activities are contributing to your carbon footprint with our easy online calculator below, and consider partnering with ECC to offset your footprint.

Our solution is simple—we help you calculate your annual carbon footprint and plant trees locally to balance your carbon impact. Trees are planted as part of Forterra’s comprehensive habitat restoration efforts. ECC plants native evergreen trees on Forterra-stewarded lands and actively managed public and private lands thanks to the help of our Field Partners. Some may even be in your own back yard!

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