Humanity is Beautiful

Kindling Executive Director Peter Schulte’s upcoming book “Humanity is Beautiful” examines humanity’s limiting stories about itself; unearths a new, more helpful story. Here Kindling patrons can read early excerpts and drafts.

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As a society, we often equate intelligence with one’s breadth of knowledge. “Cognitive development” is much closer to what we often call wisdom, a depth of understanding or a higher perspective.

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If the fire Prometheus stole perhaps in part represents the notion of genius, the capacity of forethinking – the ability to peer into possible futures – is a fundamental aspect of that genius.

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San Sebastian

My experience in San Sebastian was one of genius. Experiences like this are not unique to me, but they are unique to humans.

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What defines us

When I was in college, I liked to say something to the effect of: “Humans are the only species dumb enough to do harm to the entire planet.”

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My story

Is it possible to be a good person without being in a constant state of outrage, despair, and disgust about humanity and the state of the world?

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Outrage pulls us closer to our tribes. But it also disconnects us from and fosters contempt and disgust for other tribes, and even humanity as a whole.

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Negativity bias

We naturally gravitate toward outrage and despair. Consciously or unconsciously, we choose them as our guiding lights.

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Original sin

Today’s modern story of self-loathing is nothing new. In fact, it is one of humanity’s oldest stories.

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Just human nature

In the famous words of Rust Cohle from the first season of True Detective, “Time is a flat circle.”

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