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The Change Blog features weekly thoughts and reflections from Kindling founder Peter Schulte on what change is, how and why it happens, and how we can be change agents.

Half an avocado

Half an avocado

After a stressful day or on vacation, I find something tasty to indulge in. It never feels as good as I want it to. It never fills the hole I’m looking it to fill.

Hands over face


What the people in my life really want, what the world really needs, is people who break this spell of fear and give others permission to be who they really are.

Look at your own eye

Giving my self away

More and more, growth for me is not really about meeting unmet needs or discovering more of myself. It’s about giving myself away, letting go of perceived “needs”, and serving a purpose beyond me.

Abstract image

Complete and utter awe

Like a lot of us, I spend much of my days feeling some level of stress, anxiety, frustration, or fear. But now, sometimes, I can stop and remember this deeper reality of my life. And when I do, those feelings seem to just melt away.

Wilting rose

The growth in loss

There is no way I’d be the man I am today without this loss. I wouldn’t be nearly as resilient. I wouldn’t feel the same freedom to be my own man. I feel a solidity within me now that could never have come out so strongly and quickly.