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Your genius

Everyone has their own genius waiting to be tapped into. And everyone’s genius is powerful in its own special ways. One task of the change agent then is to unearth and articulate their own unique brand of genius.

Values = What you prioritize + what makes you unique

Your core values

On our hero’s journey, if passion is the fuel and talent is the vehicle, our values are the compass that orients us in the right direction for our own unique quest.

The three aspects of genius

Your passions and talents

Passion is what fuels us. Talent is what we excel at. The role of the change agent is first and foremost to seek out these areas of overlap. These are our true areas of genius.

Genius diagram

What is genius?

Genius is not something people are, genius is something people have. Genius is a capacity that every human has.

Change agent archetypes

Change agent archetypes

Change is an ecosystem that relies on many disparate, often contrasting or even competing, actors each doing what they do best, each being who they really are, each balancing and complementing the other. 

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