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Kindling is a 501c3 nonprofit that ignites change by sharing good news and connecting people with opportunities to build a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

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Balloons in my mind

Recently, I woke up to an image of my head hollowed out and full of balloons, one for parenting, one for my relationship with Sara, one for Kindling, one for exercise, and so on.
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Model of human brain

Inventions of the mind

Humanity’s greatest inventions are not anything that any of us can touch, see, or feel with our senses. Rather, our greatest inventions are all constructs of ours minds, mental technologies that allow us to see and show up in the world in entirely new, revolutionary ways.
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Meditator silhouette

What is meditation to you?

I used to think there was more or less one way to meditate. Now it seems like there are probably endless approaches, even endless definitions of what it is in the first place.
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Baby gorilla


Without instinct, human flourishing would be impossible. Humanity itself would not be possible. We are permanently indebted and connected to our biological forebears – non-human primates, birds, reptiles, amphibians, plants, fungi, bacteria, and countless others – for this wonderful gift of instinct for which we can claim no credit.
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Keeping hope alive

Part of anti-oppression accountability for me is being present to the pain that others have to deal with every day that I don’t. And part of it is harnessing the energies that are more available to me due to my privilege.
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