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Plastic neutral web page
23 February 2021
With an $8 monthly subscription you can go plastic-neutral by supporting Plastic Bank's plastic removal and elimination projects around the world.

Google Project Sunroof screenshot
16 February 2021
Project Sunroof uses current solar industry pricing data to run the numbers on leasing, taking a loan, or buying solar panels for your house to help you choose what's best for you.

Re-Sources Petition screenshot
13 February 2021
The WA state legislature has the chance to create a cleaner, healthier future in Washington by passing the Healthy Homes, Clean Buildings Act (House Bill 1084) which will cut our state’s greenhouse...

Brighter Futures

Possible models for a sustainable, just, prosperous future for all

Graph showing low CO2 requirements of crickets compared to pigs and cows
30 December 2020
Eating insect is not only an opportunity to expand our diets and find delicious food, it is essential for our sustainability and humane treatment of animals.

Adult Development Theory diagram using expanding mind meme
22 December 2020
What if our minds continue to evolve throughout our lives, allowing us to manage ever-increasing levels of complexity? This is Adult Development Theory.

Kindling - Human-centered design
16 December 2020
Human-centered design is a project design approach that emphasizes designing for people over design for problems. It helps ensure that our solutions reflect audiences' needs and experiences, rather than developers' assumptions.


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Our challenge today is not overcoming our shortcomings or atoning for our sins. Our challenge is fully acknowledging, embracing, and harnessing our incredible gifts.

Change Community

Like a Facebook group, but not on Facebook

Change Community brings together changemakers (that means you!) to inspire and scale actions for a better world (e.g., petitions, ethical products, daily practices, events, and more) so that they can drive positive impact in themselves, their communities, and for all humankind. 

Change Blog

Thoughts and reflections on personal growth and social change

Man walking in the woods
1 March 2021
I don’t go to church. But sometimes I find myself...

22 February 2021
Want one? All Kindling patrons get a bumpersticker for free!

Aerial view of mining
15 February 2021
Many of us acknowledge that our future depends on a...


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