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New study suggests universal basic income won’t make people work less

A two-year study in Finland found that people who received UBI worked no less than a control group €” bolstering the case for a basic income as the world economy transitions to greater automation.

Stockton, CA becomes first U.S. city to test universal basic income

Stockton, Calif., hopes to become an exhibition ground for fighting poverty with a simple yet unorthodox experiment: giving $500 a month in donated cash to perhaps 100 local families, no strings attached.

Mark Zuckerberg supports universal basic income

A country that has universal basic income guarantees every person a set minimum income regardless of criteria - age, wealth, job status, hometown, family size, etc.

Finland’s universal basic income trial for unemployed reduces stress levels

Citizens receiving a basic monthly income as part of a radical Finnish pilot scheme have seen a reduction in their stress levels, an official leading the trial has said.

The Economic Security Project is committing $10 million to study universal basic income in the U.S.

Partially tested in various places in the 1960s and 1970sincluding areas of the US, Canada, and IndiaUBI gives everyone a guaranteed minimum payment as a way to, in theory, reduce poverty and improve health, eduction, and other benefits.

Hawaii first U.S. state to declare everyone deserves basic financial security

Hawaii is taking the lead in embracing yet another innovative idea: universal basic income (UBI).

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