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New research suggests MDMA lets PTSD victims form new bonds and memories to overcome trauma

Research from Johns Hopkins University finds that MDMA seems to re-open a window of opportunity for social bonding and rewiring trauma-related faulty connections in the brain.

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky on trauma stewardship

Held within a larger context of systematic oppression and liberation theory, Van Dernoot Lipsky dives into how to work toward reconciling dealing with suffering and trauma both individually and collectively.

The core of compassion

If we could just go all the way back through history, better understand our origins, our genetics, and all the reasons why our cultures developed the way they did, even our darkest moments would make sense.

Researchers invent an “EpiPen” for spinal cord injuries that can prevent paralysis

The approach was demonstrated in mice at the University of Michigan, with the nanoparticles enhancing healing by reprogramming the aggressive immune cells—call it an “EpiPen” for trauma to the central nervous system.

New ‘Sesame Street’ show aims to help refugee children

Global Sesame Street has announced this week that a new show Ahlan Simsim (“Welcome Sesame” in Arabic) will debut in February of 2020.

Whole-hearted living, in five minutes

Wholehearted living is living life from a place of worthiness, courage, and vulnerability and in doing so, better connecting with others and developing a sense of purpose and wholeness.


I’m pleading with you: over the next several months, fight for who you want; not who you imagine enough other people want.

Ayahuasca medicine, in five minutes

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic plant medicine that originated thousands of years ago among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. It is capable of deep healing for a range of trauma, depression, addiction, and more while also offering insight into one's purpose and essence.

Offended, not offensive

When I acknowledge that I am offended, I center my own pain. I acknowledge the fact that no healing will ever come unless I heal myself first. If I am offended, I have work to do.

The lie of passion work

Purpose work asks us: How much sacrifice, pain, and discomfort am I willing to endure in order to activate my higher self, to produce my greatest good in service to my community?

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