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Sanitation coverage in India hits 99%, up 60% in 5 years

Three infants die every two minutes in India due to lack of access to adequate water and sanitation services. The Swachh Bharat Mission aims to achieve 100% sanitation by October 2019.

The Sustainable Development Goals, in five minutes

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are now adopted by 193 countries and represent a level of international collaboration unparalleled in human history.

It’s getting better all the time!

Why is it then even when we are smacked in the face with reasons for optimism, positivity and gratitude, we find the story that allows us to be feel bad or not enough?

Human-centered design, in five minutes

Human-centered design is a project design approach that emphasizes designing for people over design for problems. It helps ensure that our solutions reflect audiences' needs and experiences, rather than developers' assumptions.

World Bank, partners launch $200 million program for water-related SDG achievement

The Global Water Security & Sanitation Partnership will focus on analytical work, technical assistance and financing in client countries and has budgeted for activities up to the year 2022.

Breckinridge Capital adopts Social Progress Index to reward cities for inclusiveness.

Specifically, the framework follows the Social Progress Index in assessing how a community meets basic human needs for healthcare, sanitation and safety; provides foundations of wellbeing, including environmental quality; and offers opportunities, such as access to advanced education and personal choice.

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