China announces plan to phase out single-use plastics

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) stated that by the end of 2020 single-use plastic bags will be banned in all of China’s major cities. By the end of 2022, the plastic bag ban will extend to all cities and towns.

Mexico City bans plastic bags

The new law went into effect January 1. By 2021, the same law will ban handing out plastic straws, spoons, coffee capsules and other single-use items.

Jakarta to ban single-use plastic bags by June 2020

The regulation imposes a ban on single-use plastic bags in modern department stores, supermarkets, and traditional markets. It will also serve as a legal basis for the usage of eco-friendly bags in stores and markets.

IKEA banning disposable plastic products in Israel

“We want to harness people’s energy behind ditching single-use plastic straws and disposables, to draw attention to the thousands of everyday changes we can all make to have a big impact on the planet.”

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