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The Ocean Cleanup begins catching trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

At age 19, Boyan Slat founded The Ocean Cleanup. The organization has developed a massive plastic-cleaning device which is now operating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The world’s first ocean cleanup system launched from San Francisco

The cleanup system is heading to a location 240 nautical miles offshore for a two-week trial before continuing its journey toward the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Adidas has sold a million shoes made of ocean plastic

Each pair uses an average of 11 plastic bottles and incorporates recycled plastic into the laces, heel webbing, heel lining and sock liner covers.

Vanuatu bans non-biodegradable plastic to protect ocean life

Single-use non-biodegradable plastic, including bags and polystyrene takeaway containers, will be banned in Vanuatu from January 31, as the Government tries to control a growing plastic waste problem.

Belize ends oil operations in its ocean waters

The legislation marks the first time that a developing country has taken such a major step to protect its oceansand all the from oil exploration and extraction.

France & China join forces to study ocean-based climate change

The main goal of the satellite is to increase the accuracy of forecasts for storms, hurricanes, and cyclones that originate in the oceans.

Albertsons commits to UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 on oceans

Albertsons Companies announced that it has pledged its support for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14, known as the "Oceans Goal."

The global homicide rate fell by 46% worldwide between 1990 and 2015

Between 1990 and 2015, the number of homicides per 100,000 people fell by 46%, with countries in Oceania experiencing a 22% drop over the same period, and 36% in Asia.

Humpback whales in the South Atlantic have recovered from near-extinction

In the 1950s there was only around 450 humpback whales left off the region surrounding the coast of Brazil. A new study shows 25,000 in the same region today.

Guatamala announces ban on plastic cups, bags, straws by 2021

According to AP News the Guatemalan government has predicted the ban, “...would eliminate more than half of the non-organic waste produced in the country.”

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