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Daniel Goleman on mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can make you more adept at switching tasks and returning to a deep level of concentration more quickly after a distraction.

Purposeful mindfulness or mindful purpose?

How do we take care of ourselves such that we are most able to take care of others? How do serve our communities in such a way that feeds our souls and fills us up to the brim?

Cultivating a daily mindfulness practice

The only necessary ingredient of your mindfulness practice is you take yourself out of the need to be productive. Take yourself out of your thoughts.

My brain is racist

I am shocked at the amount of bigoted, demeaning thoughts that pop up in my brain without invitation.

Transcendental meditation, in five minutes

Transcendental Meditation is one form of meditation focused on transcending the mind to achieve pure awareness and therefore a new sense of peace, creativity, and self-realization.
Hands praying

Thoughts and prayers

Before we do anything of value and impact, we must first commit to it in our own hearts and minds. Thoughts and prayers can accomplish this.

Stop opposing Trump

The radical change agent today does not waste time opposing Trump and his supporters. She just ignores them whenever possible.

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