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British Columbia government to offer 24/7 mental health support to post-secondary students

The Province has selected Morneau Shepell to develop a free mental health counselling and referral service for post-secondary students throughout British Columbia.

Virginia and New York enact first laws demanding mental health education

The Empire State's law, which was reportedly written in 2015, says mental health is €œan integral part of our overall health and should be an integral part of health education in New York schools."
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“Transgender” removed from World Health Organization mental disorders

The removal of ‘gender identity disorders’ from their diagnostic manual marks a historic decision for the transgender social justice movement world wide.

World Health Organization removes transgender from list of mental disorders

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made history and removed transgender from its list of 'mental disorders.'

Being transgender is not a mental illness, World Health Organization says

The United Nations health agency announced on Monday the condition, also known as gender dysphoria, has been reclassified as a sexual health condition.

California becomes first state to offer health insurance to some undocumented immigrants

The plan will provide Medicaid coverage to approximately 90,000 undocumented residents between ages 19 and 25.

New Zealand ‘wellbeing’ budget focuses resources on vulnerable populations

Family violence, mental health needs, and child poverty are all at the center of New Zealand’s new ‘wellbeing’ budget, with billions being newly allocated to causes that relate to the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders.

New Zealand ‘wellbeing’ budget focuses resources on vulnerable populations

New Zealand's Labour coalition government has unveiled its €œworld-first€ well-being budget which offers billions for mental health services, child poverty, and family violence.

Maryland becomes 11th state to ban ‘gay conversion therapy’ for minors

Maryland Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan, a Republican, signed the Youth Mental Health Protection Act into law on Tuesday, making the state the 11th to ban €œgay conversion therapy€ for minors.

Belgium abolishes forced sterilization for transgender people

Lawmakers voted in favor of a draft law on Wednesday which will no longer require transgender people to undergo sterilization or a mental health diagnosis in order for their preferred gender to be legally recognized.

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