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The ManKind Project

Beyond passing common sense gun control laws, in my mind the best thing we can do is to see this as a masculinity issue - both to confront toxic masculinity but also examine all the ways our society fails our boys and men.

Expansive gratitude

If gratitude for our own circumstances is the source from which joy and transformation sprout for us as individuals, then perhaps gratitude for the state of our society is the source from which transformation for us as a species emerges.
Woman holding a "Me too" sign

I perpetuate misogyny. Me too.

The only way I can truly be helpful in confronting misogyny is when I realize it flows through me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Duke University launches program for men to consider their toxic masculinities

The 9-week storytelling-based program offers a space for male students to explore topics such as toxic masculinity, male privilege, feminism, intersectionality, gender diversity, and more.

Is it time for a ban on men?

If Trump is really serious about eliminating terrorist attacks, why not propose banning men?

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