Food forests, in five minutes

Food forests (or forest gardening) are a gardening or land management technique that seek to create a forest – usually in an urban environment – that is entirely devoted to growing edible plants.

Japan begins requiring all retailers to charge for plastic bags

All retail outlets across the country are required to charge customers for the use of plastic bags. The new requirement is an attempt by the government to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the country’s rivers, forests, streams and, ultimately, surrounding oceans.

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Wooden skyscrapers, in five minutes

Leading architects around the world are excited about the prospect of using cross-laminated timber (CLT) to construct the 21 Century’s skyscrapers. They believe new wood technology is not only capable of creating incredibly durable and safe buildings, but can play a vital role in reducing climate emissions and sequestering carbon.

Chile adds 10 million acres of parkland in historic first

At a ceremony on Monday, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet officially declared a major expansion of Chile’s parklands, creating two new national parks and protecting vast swaths of the country’s rainforests, grasslands, and other wild terrains.

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