Change is not only possible,
it’s happening all around us every day

Change is not only possible, it’s happening all around us every day

Change Milestones

Good news for climate action, social justice, democracy, and more

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The skills, knowledge, and training you need to drive change

About Kindling

We are a 501c3 nonprofit that ignites change by offering change leaders the inspiration, knowledge, skills, and connections they need to build a sustainable, just, and prosperous future for all.

We are building the world’s largest archive of change milestones, an online directory for the systems change community, and an online curriculum and forum for aspiring change leaders.


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Archive of Human Genius

The world’s largest database of social change milestones, documenting human progress and moments of genius from throughout human history.

Teal Pages

An online directory of systems change leaders, organizations, campaigns, products, and resources for a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

Change 101

A curriculum & commons for change leaders to gain skills and knowledge so they can: discover their values, strengths, and purpose, 2) develop personal change plans, and 3) drive social change

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Kindling members make a monthly donation, powered by Patreon, to support our efforts to reach and activate the next generation of changemakers. Thank you in advance!

Change milestones from around the world

Good news for climate, justice, democracy, and more