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Earth from satellite

“America first”???

With an increasingly global economy and global effects of climate change, we are bound to one another, now and forever.

“Act of pure evil”?

It’s time for our society to move past silly abstractions and deflections like “good” and “evil”. It’s time to take responsibility for the mayhem we create for ourselves.

Stop opposing Trump #2

If we are only focused on opposing Trump, ultimately the best we can do is simply return to the status quo before him.

Stop opposing Trump

The radical change agent today does not waste time opposing Trump and his supporters. She just ignores them whenever possible.

You gotta carry that weight

If I truly am committed to change, being a change agent, and all that comes with that, I simply can’t give in to despair and numbing.

a battery

Polarization is underrated

Polarization does not necessitate that we get ugly and demeaning to one another. It simply means that we are aware of a growing divide in our core values. This can be done with grace, kindness, and sensitivity.

Beyond #resisting

After almost six weeks off travelling throughout Southeast Asia and then moving with my wife from Seattle to Bellingham, I’m back and ready to go.