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Zac Swartout

Ep. #15 | Zac Swartout on the growth mindset

On episode #15 of Kindling Podcast, Zac Swartout shares with us his take on the “growth mindset,” our false believe in the average, and learning to look beyond ourselves.

Reckonings podcast

Behind the mic #1: Why Reckonings?

There’s so much that goes on behind the microphone, and I’m going to start bringing you back here. This is the inaugural ‘behind the mic’ bit, stay tuned for more. For this first one: what is Reckonings, and why did I create it?


The aftermath

How do you process the aftermath of emotionally impactful situations in your life? Dr. LéNetta Banks and Justice Calo Reign process the aftermath of turning 40, Veterans Day, and the country’s response to the election of President-Elect Donald Trump.


Ep. #13 | Lioux van Bones on her “farmacy”

This week, Peter Schulte and new co-host Lisa Pellegrino chat with Lioux van Bones – Chief Dream Officer at Meraki Farmacy. We talk about how her new business is trying to change the way we think about our food, plants, how we do business, and how we heal.

Reckonings podcast

An unlikely friendship transforms the gun debate

Mark Rosenberg and Jay Dickey were on diametrically opposed sides of the gun debate, but fate took a twist. Their story is a microcosm of what’s so vitally needed in the arena of gun control, and our political arena beyond.


LISTEN: I am many ways at once

Justice Calo Reign and Dr. LéNetta Banks introduce the concept of “Many Ways At Once” to the audience through anecdotal stories that share their many identities, strengths and talents.



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