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Ep. #13 | Lioux van Bones on her “farmacy”

This week, Peter Schulte and new co-host Lisa Pellegrino chat with Lioux van Bones – Chief Dream Officer at Meraki Farmacy. We talk about how her new business is trying to change the way we think about our food, plants, how we do business, and how we heal.

Good Food

Local food entrepreneurs + church kitchens = win+win

The “good food” movement has many nodes and includes a cast of characters that ranges from sustainable farms to companies like Dave’s Killer Bread, to locally sourced meal-kits like PeachDish. But what exactly is “good food”?


How does a zero waste junkie land on local food?

I believe that we as humans can actually do a lot better than the modest goal of trying to live more sustainably. I believe we have an imperative as cohabitants on this Earth to create regenerative ways of producing and consuming.