Trying to be original

I am beginning to realize, trying to be original is the least original thing I can do. It is doing what nearly everyone does, tie themselves up in knots over me, me, me; obsess over how I can be revered, remembered, seen.

Sphere of concern

If we wanted, we could imagine the noblest good as expanding our “sphere of concern” to the widest, most far-reaching good we can conceive. We could choose to identify primarily not with ourselves as individuals, but rather as humanity itself, as life itself.

The truth about me

Where we most do not want to go is where we can most activate our highest selves and most contribute to those around us.

Person looking up at swirling stars
Purposeful mindfulness or mindful purpose?

How do we take care of ourselves such that we are most able to take care of others? How do serve our communities in such a way that feeds our souls and fills us up to the brim?

Staircase from above
The lie of passion work

Purpose work asks us: How much sacrifice, pain, and discomfort am I willing to endure in order to activate my higher self, to produce my greatest good in service to my community?

A protester holding a sign that says "We are better than this!"
The bright side of outrage

The change we want and need is happening – right now. We prove it to ourselves every time we find ourselves and others in the grips of outrage.

Hidden underwater sculptures
Dog whistles

How do we come to hear genuine dog whistles without imagining false ones?

The unfortunate side of compassion

Is the left truly committed to compassion and inclusiveness as core values? Or, rather, is it committed to sympathy and inclusion for the specific types of people whom its deem worthy of them?

Stop saying Trump is a racist

The racism that is most critical to see and dismantle is not Trump’s cartoonish villainy, but the subtle, covert racism in ourselves.

Burning Man art
Fighting without hating

Can we fight without hating? Can we advocate for tones that we believe are most aligned with our values, that we believe are most conducive to change, without policing for them?

Person walking up a mountain
The tragedy of ideals

Our awareness of the challenges we face always outpaces our ability to solve them. We always place our ideals ahead of us, just out of reach of our reality.

Polarity Management book cover
Polarity Management: Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems

Some complex problems simply do not have “solutions.” The key to being an effective leader is being able to recognize and manage such problems. Polarity Management presents a unique model and set of principles that will challenge you to look at situations in new ways.

Back of a woman's head
Presumption of innocence?

We have to find a way to balance our presumption of innocence with our presumption of truthful accusation.

Is social media ripping us apart?

The truth is: social media isn’t eroding how we interact with one another. It’s changing it. Society isn’t collapsing. It’s changing.

Outrage fatigue

There will be more tax bills in the future, more sex offenders in power, more devastation of our conservation lands. There will be an endless supply of things to be rightfully outraged by.

Glass of water
Seeing what is

The world is a brilliant, wondrous place, so long as we judge it for what it is.

Man jumping underneath a tree with sunshine in the background
The privilege of possibility

The only thing of value that can be done with privilege is to leverage its power into something useful, something that can help rectify the pain and suffering all around us.

US Dollar bill
No more “taxes”

Stop arguing that we should raise taxes. Instead, make the very reasonable assertion that we should have more public money and less money for the super rich to hoard.

Louis C.K. performing
Witnessing a change moment

Occasionally, when the stars align, we can actually observe the hard edge of change, a moment when society at large decides that enough is enough.