Ep. #6 | Lisa Pellegrino on toxic masculinity

On this episode of Kindling Radio, I talk with Lisa Pellegrino of PestoGrino about toxic masculinity and the new documentary The Mask You Live In. We get into what “pure” masculinity is, the difference between the masculine and the feminine, and how men and women alike are victims of toxic masculinity.

How do we encourage a new version of masculinity?

How do we balance the masculine and the feminine?


How do we give space to men to explore new ways of being?

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About Lisa

Lisa Pellegrino is a joyful solutionary aiming beyond sustainability. Lisa went into grad school as a “zero waste junkie” and is leaving as a local food entrepreneur having launched PestoGrino, a line of local craft pesto sauces out of her home city of Atlanta, GA. She believes there’s no such thing as waste just misplaced resources, and knows her soul purpose to be honoring and celebrating the forgotten. Lisa is a proud alum of the University of Rhode Island, AmeriCorps, the Southface Energy Institute, and now Pinchot University with an MBA in Sustainable Systems. Lisa is a passionate champion of an inclusive, regenerative economy and in her spare time likes to play the ukulele, cornet & mandolin, bringing her friends together in song on her front porch with her sweetheart Lisa, and wiz kids Jake & Mia.

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