Ep. #14 | Simon Goland on right livelihood

Recorded in the days following the U.S. election, Peter and Lisa chat with Simon Goland – the originator of the Right Livelihood Quest process. We talk about what it means to be living your “right livelihood”, finding your greatest gifts, what it means to be “above the line,” Simon’s recent journey with cancer, and how we can turn our life’s deepest challenges into opportunities for learning and growth.

What has my life’s work been preparing me for?

How can I better understand my life’s purpose?


What should I do with my life?


Listen here

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About Simon Goland

Simon Goland is the originator of the Right Livelihood Quest process. He is passionate about unleashing our human spirit. He believes in liberating our gifts, skills, capacities, and our creative spark, in order to transform the ways we engage with the world. Through his dynamic, engaging, experiential, and transformative work, Simon helps individuals increase their self-awareness, own and harness their gifts and passions, and step into a full self-expression of their hearts and souls, in their professional and personal lives. He coaches, facilitates, teaches, and leads retreats, both locally and internationally, face-to-face and virtually, bringing all his joy, passion, commitment, and experience into this work. More information about Simon’s work, passions, and hobbies can be found at www.SimonGoland.com.