Ep. #3 | Maren Haynes Marchesini on god, religion, and multiplicity in the 21st Century

On this Episode of Kindling Radio, I talk to Maren Haynes Marchesini, Phd Candidate in Ethnomusicology and outgoing Director of the Chapel Chorale at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. We talk about her new podcast series Religium, the many possible interpretations of “God”, why religious practice appears to be dwindling, tolerating the intolerant, and the concept of multiplicity. With only a few interruptions from my cat Winnie. Enjoy!

About Maren

Maren Haynes Marchesini is a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington. Her research surrounds the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and class in American megachurch music. Maren’s insatiable curiosities around religion, expression, and identity inspired a podcast, Religium, which hosts conversations with dynamic and diverse religious folks in their 20s and 30s. Maren has long stood as a friend and champion for the LGBT*QQAI community.

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