Ep. #1 | Lisa Pellegrino and her radically nourishing pesto

I’m excited to share Kindling Radio’s first episode. In it, my good friend Lisa Pellegrino and I have a long discussion about trash and the circular economy. Then we talk religion, spirituality, secularism, purpose, Dave Matthews Band, The Bachelor, and more. This is the first of many informal conversations with change agents and thought leaders in a variety of fields. I hope you enjoy it.

About Lisa & PestoGrino

Hi! I’m Lisa. I’m Owner & Sauce Artist at PestoGrino.


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I am an energetic, macro-thinking solutionary aiming beyond sustainability. I have a keenness for connecting the dots at the intersection of sustainability, innovation, and economics. All waste streams can be transformed into supply streams, and I am passionate about eliminating waste in its various forms (specifically material, energy, & water) through systems redesign and net positive framing.

Particular areas of passion include: regenerative design, circular economy, zero waste, energy efficiency, renewables, behavioral economics, industrial symbiosis/byproduct synergy, ecological sanitation, biomimicry, and technical & biological nutrient upcycling.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of these topics at: pesto.grino@gmail.com.

PestoGrino is a line of locally inspired & sourced organic, craft pestos. Using Georgia pecans, these tiny batch sauces are so creamy and delicious, you don’t even miss the cheese. So they’re vegan?! Yes, but shhh we don’t want to scare people away. We’re here to make your pasta, veggies, bagels, eggs, sammies, and the Atlanta local food system, a whole lot saucier!

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