Ep. #13 | Lioux van Bones on her “farmacy”

This week, Peter Schulte and new co-host Lisa Pellegrino chat with Lioux van Bones – Chief Dream Officer at Meraki Farmacy.

We talk about how her new business is trying to change the way we think about our food, plants, how we do business, and how we heal.

Is the revolution really happening??


Listen here

About Meraki Farmacy

Can you identify and pronounce the ingredients in the products you use daily? That you use on your skin, your teeth, your hair, your children?I believe natural is better: for our bodies and our environment. Hormone disrupting chemicals? Metals? No, thank you! Most of us have to make hard choices on the types of organic, natural and healthy products we buy because of costs. I think that should change. I think we all have the right to quality, healthy, safe products that are made from natural, organic ingredients that are harvested sustainably, manufactured by hands and a heart and sold at reasonable costs. Meraki products are more than natural hygiene products. Meraki is a one woman creation station joining millions who create changes in how we do business. In how we live. In access to information. In creating more equality. In honoring our bodies. In keeping big business out of our politics, kitchens and bodies. In having choice.




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