How emotions drive our political experience

What makes Trump’s rise ultimately not all that surprising: we are living through a profound social change—a transformation from a worldview that values order and authority to one more akin to emergence and co-creation. Fear and anger are inherently more pronounced in times of great change, especially as it grows increasingly obvious how our institutions operate by an outmoded paradigm. Where solutions previously existed no longer do, and as Einstein said, “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

While I’m of the belief that “the night is darkest just before the dawn,” I think it’s less important to try and predict, wait-out, or reject the dawn’s coming than it is to turn our attention to our own personal role in advancing the shift from a closed society to an open one. This is an insanely emotional process, no matter your politics, and we’d be wise to honor the reality that emotions drive the human experience far more than logic ever did.

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