India rapidly progresses with solar power

The solar power industry is burgeoning in India! The country made history in February by generating over 1 billion kilowatts of power in a single month. It is the first time their monthly solar output broke the billion kWh mark. According to Climate Action, solar power generation is up 80 percent, an exciting achievement that underscores how far the country has come in just the last year.

Further emphasizing the dramatic increase, Indian Minister Piyush Goyal said that the country has tripled its solar capacity in the last three years.

South India’s significant solar power growth

Much of the country’s rapid increase in solar capacity is due to the production of South India. The region made the impressive leap from 175 million kWh in February 2016 to 649 million kWh in February 2017.


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Tamil Nadu in South India is responsible for the lion’s share of this production and reported a 173% increase in solar power generated.

The road to 100 gigawatts

The country reached 12 gigawatts of solar capacity in March and aims to reach 100 gigawatts by 2022. While 90 GW in 5 years is ambitious, Indian officials expect to reach 20 GW in the next 15 months. Additionally, they foresee the rapid growth in solar to continue, and anticipate achieving the 100 mark before 2022. They expect to overtake Japan as the third largest solar power market as early as 2017.

Regardless of how soon they reach 100 GW, India’s progress is an exciting step forward for solar energy. In March 2016 the country’s capacity was almost half of what the country is at now (6.8GW), and doubling that output in a year’s time is certainly inspiring. The country’s desire to set lofty green energy goals and pump in resources to secure their success should be celebrated, and probably emulated.

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