Kindling Radio is a podcast for our next systems. It features conversations from change agents and thought leaders on our next systems, led by co-hosts Peter Schulte of Kindling and Lisa Pellegrino of PestoGrino.

Zac Swartout

Ep. #15 | Zac Swartout on the growth mindset

On episode #15 of Kindling Podcast, Zac Swartout shares with us his take on the “growth mindset,” our false believe in the average, and learning to look beyond ourselves.


Ep. #13 | Lioux van Bones on her “farmacy”

This week, Peter Schulte and new co-host Lisa Pellegrino chat with Lioux van Bones – Chief Dream Officer at Meraki Farmacy. We talk about how her new business is trying to change the way we think about our food, plants, how we do business, and how we heal.


Ep. #11 | Danny Lampton on conscious friendship

On this episode of Kindling Radio, I chat with Danny Lampton – my good friend and founder and owner of The Light and the Weight. Danny is a musician, author, and responsible entrepreneur.


Ep. #10 | Marisa Gant on Ayurveda and essence

We talked about the ancient practice of Ayurveda and how it can be applied today – to both individuals and businesses. What does it mean for a business to have an essence? How can you find that essence? What is spirituality and why does it matter?

Marsha Willard

Ep. #8 | Marsha Willard on systems thinking

How can systems thinking help us better understand an increasingly complex and ambiguous world? How can we anticipate unintended consequences? How can we develop more strategic and effective solutions to our “wicked problems”?

Keith Brower Brown

Ep. #4 | Keith from Trails and Ways on the future of music

On this episode of Kindling Radio, I talk with Keith Brower Brown of the band Trails and Ways about his new album, consumerism and anti-capitalism, the role of musicians and artists in the progressive movement, how music listeners can best support artists, and his new climate change impact mapping project Float.

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