Laocoon statue

Virgil composes epic poem The Aeneid (~20 B.C.)

Composed in hexameters, about 60 lines of which were left unfinished at his death, the Aeneid incorporates the various legends of Aeneas and makes him the founder of Roman greatness.

glass of beer

First beer is brewed in Iran (~5000 B.C.)

Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced, dating back to at least the 5th millenium BC in Iran, and recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and was spread throughout world.

copper crystal

Copper smelting invented in ancient Serbia (~5,500 B.C.)

The sophisticated furnace and smelter featured earthen pipe-like air vents with hundreds of tiny holes in them and a chimney to ensure air goes into the furnace to feed the fire and smoke comes out away from the workers.

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