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The Kindling Blog features posts from Peter about Kindling itself. The blog includes updates on Kindling’s development, what it aspires to be, its challenges, Peter’s experiences, and more.

US Dollar bill

No more “taxes”

Stop arguing that we should raise taxes. Instead, make the very reasonable assertion that we should have more public money and less money for the super rich to hoard.

Louis C.K. performing

Witnessing a change moment

Occasionally, when the stars align, we can actually observe the hard edge of change, a moment when society at large decides that enough is enough.

Cleaning plastic off a beach

Owning your theory of change

The most impactful change agents come up with interventions that change the systems rather than simply put a Band-Aid on their negative effects.

Earth from satellite

“America first”???

With an increasingly global economy and global effects of climate change, we are bound to one another, now and forever.

Woman holding a "Me too" sign

I perpetuate misogyny. Me too.

The only way I can truly be helpful in confronting misogyny is when I realize it flows through me and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Hands praying

Thoughts and prayers

Before we do anything of value and impact, we must first commit to it in our own hearts and minds. Thoughts and prayers can accomplish this.

“Act of pure evil”?

It’s time for our society to move past silly abstractions and deflections like “good” and “evil”. It’s time to take responsibility for the mayhem we create for ourselves.

Stop opposing Trump #2

If we are only focused on opposing Trump, ultimately the best we can do is simply return to the status quo before him.

Stop opposing Trump

The radical change agent today does not waste time opposing Trump and his supporters. She just ignores them whenever possible.

Hands in crowd

In defense of tribalism

Tribalism is not a failed system. It’s just a limited system, one that is healthy and helpful to an extent and dangerous when taken to the extreme.

Back of Pope's head

[Hu]man is [not] stupid

We need to see that humanity is deeply beautiful, imaginative, loving, and capable of incredible transformation and action in the face of climate change.

You gotta carry that weight

If I truly am committed to change, being a change agent, and all that comes with that, I simply can’t give in to despair and numbing.

Misunderstanding diversity

If we truly valued diversity and inclusion, then we would have a preference for accepting and welcoming conflicting viewpoints We would welcome those who hold opposing beliefs as neighbors and assume they have good intentions. But we don’t.

David Foster Wallace at a podium

I don’t need to be David Foster Wallace

If by some miracle, I did hone my talents to somehow approximate Wallace’s genius, my mind would still come up with another reason to not do the work, to not put myself out there, to stay safe, small.

Reimagining progress

We can develop all the technologies we want. But if our motivations, beliefs, and ways of perceiving the world stay stagnant, we’ll still be the same.


Fierce kindness

Being truly kind is about making service to others more important than being liked.

Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton

Facing the Democratic divide

We are seeing another polarization within a polarization featuring all the same dynamics we’ve come to see between the American left and right: contempt, ridicule, purity tests, an assumption of bad intentions, and blame.