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One step forward, two steps back… ?

We have good reasons to be filled with despair and to believe our society is now decaying and on the brink of a major downturn. But we can also choose to view it as a setback in a broader trajectory of progress.

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What is the purpose of a gift?

I think we can and should evolve our expectations for holiday presents. Again, our current customs are completely unnecessary and even destructive. We can do better.

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Wading into the Trump era

What has most helped me start putting pen to paper today is realizing that the world is actually exactly the same as it was a month ago. What has changed is my understanding of our reality.

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What are “our next systems”?

Our society’s current systems are failing us. They no longer serve the common good to the extent they can and should.


Kindling is a catalog of humanity's evolution. By showing how humanity has grown consistently more conscious, capable, and connected through time, Kindling sparks possibility for a new, more sustainable, more just, more purposeful way of doing and being.


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