Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide

For millennia, the peoples of the Amazon have been using the sacred brew ayahuasca to heal themselves, physically and spiritually. Today, use of the powerful medicine among Westerners is on the rise. Javier Regueiro’s, an experience ayahuasquero, offers insight into this medicine, what to expect, how to use it safely and respectfully, and more.

Description from Amazon.com:

More and more people from all walks of life and spiritual and religious backgrounds feel drawn to ayahuasca in often surprising ways. In Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle, author Javier Regueiro offers a guide for those new to the use of this powerful medicine that originates in the Amazon rainforest. Javier Regueiro not only provides general information about ayahuasca, but he bridges the cultural gap between the native and the current use of ayahuasca by Westerners. This guide offers background about the plant medicine, its history, and how to engage with and learn through its use. It includes stories of Javier’s personal experience of transformation, as well as stories from those he’s guided in ceremonies Addressed to the ever-increasing number of people who approach this medicine for their own personal healing and development, this guidebook provides clear and practical advice on how to use this therapeutic modality in a fashion that is meaningful to modern people for a maximum of benefit.