07Mar, 2018

The Good Place

In a solemn moment of honesty with yourself, do you feel that you are in right relationship with yourself, your family, your community, your planet, the universe? For me, there is no real goodness apart from our own honest answers to ourselves.

Dark reflection
03Mar, 2018

Sense of dread

I will never resolve this sense of dread by accomplishing anything in the external world. I can only resolve it by reckoning within myself, by consciously rewriting the rules I’ve taken on unconsciously.

23Feb, 2018

Cracking a few eggs

Perhaps sometimes the most productive thing we can do is to make chaos from order, to tear apart at the worn, outdated fabric of modern life, so that we might weave a new, more beautiful tapestry from the loose thread.

12Feb, 2018

Trying to be original

I am beginning to realize, trying to be original is the least original thing I can do. It is doing what nearly everyone does, tie themselves up in knots over me, me, me; obsess over how I can be revered, remembered, seen.

11Feb, 2018

Sphere of concern

If we wanted, we could imagine the noblest good as expanding our “sphere of concern” to the widest, most far-reaching good we can conceive. We could choose to identify primarily not with ourselves as individuals, but rather as humanity itself, as life itself.

06Dec, 2017

Outrage fatigue

There will be more tax bills in the future, more sex offenders in power, more devastation of our conservation lands. There will be an endless supply of things to be rightfully outraged by.