Trying to be original

I am beginning to realize, trying to be original is the least original thing I can do. It is doing what nearly everyone does, tie themselves up in knots over me, me, me; obsess over how I can be revered, remembered, seen.

Sphere of concern

If we wanted, we could imagine the noblest good as expanding our “sphere of concern” to the widest, most far-reaching good we can conceive. We could choose to identify primarily not with ourselves as individuals, but rather as humanity itself, as life itself.

The truth about me

Where we most do not want to go is where we can most activate our highest selves and most contribute to those around us.

Good News!

Donating =

Kindling offers possibility for humanity’s evolution – free of charge. I want the good news to spread as far and wide as possible.

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Staircase from above

The lie of passion work

Purpose work asks us: How much sacrifice, pain, and discomfort am I willing to endure in order to activate my higher self, to produce my greatest good in service to my community?

A protester holding a sign that says "We are better than this!"

The bright side of outrage

The change we want and need is happening – right now. We prove it to ourselves every time we find ourselves and others in the grips of outrage.

Hidden underwater sculptures

Dog whistles

How do we come to hear genuine dog whistles without imagining false ones?

The unfortunate side of compassion

Is the left truly committed to compassion and inclusiveness as core values? Or, rather, is it committed to sympathy and inclusion for the specific types of people whom its deem worthy of them?

Stop saying Trump is a racist

The racism that is most critical to see and dismantle is not Trump’s cartoonish villainy, but the subtle, covert racism in ourselves.