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Choosing wisdom over knowledge

What is most likely to inspire widespread, fundamental, profound change in ourselves and our society: having more information or thinking differently?

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Why do we ignore social progress?

The data in the report actually show that, like nearly every year in the recent memory, humanity as a whole has advanced substantially with regard to social progress. The global score in 2015 it was 61.00, in 2016 it was 62.88, in 2017 it was 64.85.

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Polarization is underrated

Polarization does not necessitate that we get ugly and demeaning to one another. It simply means that we are aware of a growing divide in our core values. This can be done with grace, kindness, and sensitivity.


The ecosystem of change

Change is an ecosystem of roles, energies, strategies, and tactics. None of us is able to do it all. All anyone of us can do is play a role.

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What is “genius”?

Genius is the act of creation, bringing something new into being that has never existed.

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Society should not change

The world that should be will never exist. But the world that could be is coming into focus right now.

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The world’s most insidious belief

If you really listen, this belief is EVERYWHERE. And, in my mind, is perhaps the most destructive and demonstrably untrue belief we carry with us.

An explosion in San Sebastian

Ever since, in moments of anxiety, stress, or intense negativity – if I can find a moment of presence – I go back to San Sebastian.


Kindling is a catalog of humanity's evolution. By showing how humanity has grown consistently more conscious, capable, and connected through time, Kindling sparks possibility for a new, more sustainable, more just, more purposeful way of doing and being.


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