Beyond #resisting

After almost six weeks off travelling throughout Southeast Asia and then moving with my wife from Seattle to Bellingham, I’m back and ready to go.

tangled knot

Polarity management 101: The solution to unsolvable problems

Seemingly conflicting, but equally necessary truths are known as polarities. Polarities represent some of the fundamental tensions that come up in our organizations and is our lives as individuals.

Holacracy 101: Can we embrace autonomy in the workplace?

What if everyone had autonomy to serve the purpose of the organization how they saw fit, within their respective roles?

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton: The next systems candidate

What does it say that I am willing to vote for the woman with no chance of winning, but not for the woman who can and will be our president?

Gummy Bears

Can we trust our neighbors? Were there razor blades in your Halloween candy?

In truth, there is about half as much crime in the United States as there was 25 years ago. Both violent and property crimes have dropped dramatically. We are safer than we were 30 years ago.

corporate culture

What corporate culture gets right

Can you imagine if we created a movement that both treated others with love and sensitivity AND thrived off creative tension?


Living Earth 101: A new vision for environmentalism and our planet

At its most fundamental level, Living Earth asks us to see our planet not as a big rock on which plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and other life have sprung up. Rather, Living Earth asks us to view the entire planet – and everything on it – as one big, living organism.


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David Korten

Ep. #16 | David Korten on humanity's new story

What new story can we live by that better ensures fulfilling lives and health for all? Where is humanity headed?

Zac Swartout

Ep. #15 | Zac Swartout on the growth mindset

On episode #15 of Kindling Podcast, Zac Swartout shares with us his take on the “growth mindset,” our false believe in the average, and learning to look beyond ourselves.

Simon Goland

Ep. #14 | Simon Goland on right livelihood

What has your life's work been preparing you for? What is your right livelihood?


Ep. #13 | Lioux van Bones on her “farmacy”

This week, Peter Schulte and new co-host Lisa Pellegrino chat with Lioux van Bones – Chief Dream Officer at Meraki Farmacy. We talk about how her new business is trying to change the way we think about our food, plants, how we do business, and how we heal.

Javier Reguiero

Ep. #12 | Javier Regueiro on the healing power of ayahuasca

How can ayahuasca be a force for healing, not only for individuals, but for humanity as a whole? How can it foster connection and community?


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